Purging and Purgers for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems
Purging and Purgers for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems (1982)-Most ammonia refrigeration systems have within them, for various lengthy periods of time, non-condensibles which are causing extra power consumption. This is because the majority of plants are not purging adequately or at all due to lack of understanding of the theory and benefits or even actual fear and distrust of the automatic or manual purger. Much of the effective purging which is done happens primarily in hot weather when there is a serious condensing pressure problem and a serviceman/troubleshooter is called from the corporate staff or from an independent service organization. Few plants are routinely purging systematically. Many plant operators only think of purging when condensing pressures are very obviously high, say 20 to 40 psi, above normal. There is a need for better understanding of how to detect air in systems and these techniques should be used routinely. In general, put purgers into every new system, add purgers as plant capacity increases, and replace or repair purgers which are not functioning.
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