Data Acquisition and Control of Screw Compressors Using Tele
Data Acquisition and Control of Screw Compressors Using Telecommunications and Other Communication Links (1982)-In October, 1980, a new technology in screw compressor control was announced to the refrigeration industry -- solid state microprocessor control. This system has eliminated the need for gauges, thermometers, relays timers, pressure and temperature switches and indicators. The microprocessor scans various pressure and temperature transducers, as well as input/output modules and makes decisions on this information to control the compressor. The information from the transducers is displayed on an alpha-numeric display for operator readout. The microprocessor can be operator programmed for various modes of control and safety failure although the safety limits are predetermined and cannot be programmed beyond these limits. Multiple first out safety annunciation points are also programmed. The microprocessor control panel has RS-232-C communications capability which is an industry standard interface to video terminals, printers and computers. This year this capability has been extended and now opens new doors to refrigeration plant monitoring and control. By having an intelligent controller on the screw compressor package, it can now be interfaced to higher level systems which have capabilities and flexibility far beyond the programmable controller.
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