The Development of the Hallscrew Compressor for Ammonia Refr
The Development of the Hallscrew Compressor for Ammonia Refrigeration (1982)-It is apparent that the single screw compressor has interesting geometric features which enable it to combine the advantages of a positive displacement machine with many of the advantages of a balanced rotary machine with respect to low bearing loads. An evaluation of the single screw compressor is not complete without looking at the possibilities for development beyond the immediate horizons. Other geometries are available within the single screw concept which potentially allow small sizes of compressor and high pressure ratios to be achieved with improved performance. These geometries involve the use of conical main rotors and cylindrical gate rotors and have already been produced in the air compressor field. The possibilities for the reduction of oil with the consequent elimination of much of the ancillary equipment currently required by screw compressors is a major aspect of ongoing single screw development. The fundamental geometry and the materials of construction of the Hallscrew are both conducive to the achievement of these goals in the near future. This would then permit the screw compressor to be applied throughout the refrigeration industry with no more complication than that traditionally expected with reciprocating machines.
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