Industrial Refrigeration: Let's Do It Right
Industrial Refrigeration: Let's Do It Right (1983)-The industrial refrigeration industry is in much better shape now than it was in the 1960's partially due to the efforts of IIAR. The U.S. needs more effective refrigeration and air conditioning systems. The industrial technology affords systems that can be 100% more effective than most commercial air conditioning systems. The IIAR should take on broader goals, agressive goals, instead of just defensive, and provide the standards, qualifications, and education that is necessary to expand our horizons. There is also a major problem of system responsibility. With an agressive position by the industrial refrigeration industry, and the IIAR, there is no reason the industry couldn't once more be a rapidly growing, profitable, industry, and provide for a real need for the country. The saleman's creed is "Find a Need and Fill It!". The need is there, the industrial refrigeration industry has the technology, production, and contracting capabilities to fill it. There is no real reason this organization couldn't double it's growth every year for the next ten years. All you have to do is get off your back sides, screw up your courage and business sense and do it!
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