A Device for Oil Separation and Heat Exchanging for Vapor Co
A Device for Oil Separation and Heat Exchanging for Vapor Compression Refrigeration Systems (1983)-Patent abstract: A method and apparatus for removing oil from the refrigerant in a vapor compression refrigeration system comprising a compressor, a condenser, an evaporator, and a vertical oil separation and heat exchange column into which hot compressed refrigerant vapors containing entrained oil are introduced to flow upwardly countercurrently with cool refrigerant liquid introduced to flow downwardly in direct intimate mutual contact, said column comprising (1) an inlet vapor distributor to disperse vapors throughout the cross section of the column to flow upwardly around baffles and to be removed in the top of the column and be directed to said condenser, (2) an inlet liquid line comprising an hydraulic leg wherein the liquid is of sufficient pressure to resist the pressure of said vapors, (3) a means for distributing said liquid throughout the cross section of said column to fall by gravity to a pool of liquid in the bottom of the column, (4) an outlet from said pool of liquid directed to said evaporator and (5) an outlet for removing oil separated from said refrigerant liquid.
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