Development of a Variable Volume Ratio Screw Compressor
Development of a Variable Volume Ratio Screw Compressor (1983)-The double helical rotary screw compressor has been successfully applied in the refrigeration industry since the mid to late 1950´s. Characterized by high volumetric and adiabatic efficiencies, stepless capacity control, ability to operate over a wide range of compression ratios, pulsation free operation, and good reliability, the screw compressor has gained a significant position in the refrigeration market. However, one factor that has limited the field of application of the screw compressor has been its “fixed volume ratio”. The introduction of the “movable slide stop” has eliminated this restriction by allowing the compressor’s volume ratio to be adjusted during operation. This innovation allows significantly improved efficiency over wide ranges of application. In order to explain how the moveable slide stop works, the basics of screw compressors will be briefly reviewed.
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