A Study of Performance of Solar Cooling Plant
A Study of Performance of Solar Cooling Plant (1983)-The performance of a 10 ton cold storage has been investigated using aqua-ammonia in the vapour absorption refrigeration system operated by solar energy. The effect of the following variables has been studied and it has been found that the system performance is greatly affected by them : (a) the generator temperature, which is related to both the collector and refrigeration system design : (b) the ambient temperature, which governs the condenser and absorber temperatures of the refrigeration system : (c) the temperature to which the ammonia water vapours are cooled in the dephlegmator in order to obtain purer ammonia travelling to the condenser, and (d) the number of glass covers of the collector which greatly affects the useful heat gain in the collector. The effects of various parameters are reported in the form of graphs showing the variation in the performance of the system as functions of these parameters.
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