Looking at the Ammonia Refrigeration Facility from an Insura
Looking at the Ammonia Refrigeration Facility from an Insurance Company View (1983)-It should come as no great surprise that the operator of ammonia refrigeration equipment and the insurer of the same have one common goal - continued operation of that equipment. The operator/owner looks for uninterrupted service to gain the maximum use of the system thereby allowing the best return on his investment. In this process, he gains the continued good will of his customers and/or clients. Obviously, an insurer wants the equipment to run faithfully since it increases his chance for a profit. Under these circumstances, insurance is often looked upon as a necessary evil - something you hope you will never have to use but nice to have if and when a fortuitous event that results in loss, takes place. I'm also confident that we insurers are sometimes looked upon as a nuisance with all of our recommendations and conditions for either coverage to attach or continue. For these reasons I'd like to spend some time putting you in the shoes of an underwriter to give you some insight into their analysis of conditions and exposures. In the process, I will try to explain how these things relate to the premium charged.
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