Ammonia Shut-Off Valves: An Update
Ammonia Shut-Off Valves: An Update (1984)-During the past 10 years, there has been increasing usage of alternative designs of manual shut-off valves for ammonia refrigeration systems. Whereas cast iron threaded end and flanged globe valves and angle valves had been the traditional norm, the demands for lower pressure drop, lighter weight, lower cost, and faster availability have resulted in the increased usage of designs which had already been popular in other industrial segments or other parts of the world. Each of the designs, old and new, have certain natural advantages and disadvantages, which this paper will explore in more detail. Consequently, each of the designs has its unique place, depending upon the demands of the various portions of each ammonia industrial refrigeration system. This paper is limited to consideration of simple manually operated valves which are normally fully open or closed. They are intended to permit or to stop fluid flow and pressure transmission between two parts of a refrigeration system.
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