Infiltration: A Load Calculation Guide
Infiltration: A Load Calculation Guide (1984)-Infiltration loads present the most vexing problems to the refrigeration system designer, not the least of which is a means of determining their magnitude. The designer has had to rely on popular published data of questionable origin and dubious reliability or rules of thumb such as tons / door, developed empirically, likewise of debatable applicability. In the work statement for a proposed research project dealing with the subject of infiltration, it was suggested that approximately one half (1/2) of the total refrigeration energy consumption nationwide is due to infiltration air. This may or may not be an overstatement: but not with-standing, the problem is a significant one and worthy of additional attention. The intent of this paper is to present, from data already available in the literature, a rational method for estimating refrigeration load due to infiltration. It will present some mathematical as well as nomographic methods for quantifying infiltration loads that will provide some analytical flexibility, offer some suggested limits of reliability and suggest the need for additional research or perhaps expand the scope of currently proposed research.
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