Two-Stage Screw Compressor Systems
Two-Stage Screw Compressor Systems (1985)-Why should a two-stage screw compressor system be any different than a system using reciprocating compressors? The main reason is simply because a screw compressor, unlike a reciprocating compressor, has the ability to operate single-stage at virtually any compression ratio within the standard refrigeration field of application. Although the screw compressor has the capability of operating single stage at very high compression ratios, obviously the cost of doing this, because of extreme HP situations, creates a natural limitation for single staging; in essence, the same limitation as reciprocating compressors. In this presentation we will investigate ten (10) completely different layouts utilizing screw compressors with ammonia at -40F suction and 185 lb. condensing, for a system that requires 100 tons of refrigeration. For the sake of comparison, we will list these ten examples, starting with the system that has the lowest possible initial cost with the highest BHP, and end up with a screw compression two-stage system that has the highest initial cost but the least BHP.
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