A Critical Look at Old Habits in Ammonia Vessel Specificatio
A Critical Look at Old Habits in Ammonia Vessel Specifications (1985)-This discussion of vessel design and specification will start with brief considerations of safety. For this, there is only one game in town: the unfired pressure vessel code of ASME, quite in a class by itself. In existence for 70 years as a voluntary standard, it is prime reference for building codes and safety standards around the world. In the United States, there are 2200 shops that have "U" stamps, supported by quality assurance programs and third party inspections assuring high standards of construction. To the extent that it is difficult to recall a single failure of a vessel due to fabrication defects. A second aspect of ammonia vessel design and specification, which we will discuss in detail, is vessel performance. In this regard, much of what you "old ammonia men" have learned has been by experience. However, this experience is not documented in the literature. Also, some bad habits die hard, as successive generations of young engineers have copied the habits of the older generations. Therefore, we offer some examples of these "practices", which can be critiqued in terms of the developments of recent years. Although variations possible in vessel design are more numerous than can be discussed in short summary, certain practices persist as a nuisance to plant operators. A sampling is offered in the following discussion.
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