Pressure Loss in Cone Stop Valves: Economic and Technical Co
Pressure Loss in Cone Stop Valves: Economic and Technical Consequences (1986)-The present paper concerns the selection of cone stop valves for ammonia refrigeration pipe lines, with the objective of presenting some guidelines which an investor should take into consideration before selecting valves for a particular plant. The paper deals with two separate and independent issues, i.e. - Cone stop valves for suction and discharge gas lines, and - Cone stop valves for liquid lines. Furthermore some aspects of importance for the final decision are discussed, and some thoughts about future developments are offered. The primary reason for an investor to consider selection of optimum cone stop valves, along with all other plant components, is of course that the economic life of investment goods, a.o. ammonia refrigeration plants, can be expected to become ever shorter. It is therefore important that these installations should give the best possible return on investment.
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