Programmable Controller vs. Computer in the Controlling and
Programmable Controller vs. Computer in the Controlling and Monitoring of a Refrigeration System (1986)-"The question, Should I use a programmable controller or a computer to control my refrigeration plant? is often asked. While the question is somewhat subjective and dependant upon individual circumstances and preferences, it is possible, knowing the relative merits of the two control methods, to make an objective judgement. Many factors enter into this decision process. Some of the factors are technical in nature, others relate strictly to people. The people issues, sometimes referred to as ""the man-machine interface"", are at least as important, if not more important, than the technical issues. The following is a list of questions that should be asked when deciding which type of control system to select: 1) How complex is the control task? 2) Will the system be expanded in the future? 3) What type of reporting/documentation is required? 4) Who will be designing/programming the system? 5 ) Who will be operating the system? 6) Who will be maintaining the system? This paper will attempt to provide guidance in the answering of the above questions."
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