Small Screw Compressors: Bringing Big Advantages to Small Si
Small Screw Compressors: Bringing Big Advantages to Small Sizes (1987)-Twin helical rotary screw compressors have been well accepted in the ammonia refrigeration industry and today account for a high percentage of the compression equipment in use in the 200 to 3000 CFM range. However; the application of screws below the 200 CFH level has been much more limited, due primarily to relatively poor efficiency and prohibitive price, compared to reciprocating compressors in this smaller size range. Through the incorporation of relatively new technology, small screws have been designed and brought to market, having efficiency and price competitive with existing reciprocating compressors, while stlll having the advantages that have made screw compressors so popular in the larger size. One approach to the design of a compressor specifically suited for ammonia refrigeration is presented.
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