Qualified Ammonia Refrigeration Operating Engineer vs. Unqua
Qualified Ammonia Refrigeration Operating Engineer vs. Unqualified Operator (1987)-To prepare a trainee to be a "Qualified Operator" you must have some tools to work with. 1.) You need standards and safety practices which are provided to the industry through IIAR, RETA, ASHRAE, ASME, and RSES. 2.) You need educational material which is available in the Industry through IIAR, RETA, RSES, and Public Education and Refrigeration Text Books. 3.) Goals for the Trainee: 1. Job Description 2. Certification or License 4.) Record Keeping through: 1. Log Books 2. Preventive Maintenance Records 3. Daily Log Sheets 4. Computer Printers 5.) Safety: Emergency Evacuation Procedures, Respirator Training, Color codes, labeling pipes, and Direction of Flow arrows, Relief Valve Replacement Procedures. Examples of some of these tools are presented in this paper.
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