Interfacing Computer Control with the Refrigeration System
Interfacing Computer Control with the Refrigeration System (1987)-"At the outset we should admit what we are trying to accomplish by this presentation. We are trying to promote the application of computer control systems for industrial refrigeration systems. The principal application of computer control so far has been for compressor packages, and there are reasons for progress in that application. The installation can be done in a factory rather than a field environment, and the compressor manufacturer knows the characteristics of the compressor and can build on the experience of past installations. The target for computer control that we are trying to push in the next hour is of the refrigeration system that could include the overall control of the compressors, but also regulating valves, coils and their defrost, pumps, and all other parts of the systems that otherwise would be under manual regulation. The panel members making the presentations today represent considerable experience in successful application of computer control. Both system designers and end users are represented. Derek Lunn will present the overview of how to decide what can and should be monitored and controlled, John Hench will bring the information from the system to the computer in his discussion of sensors and transducers, Dave Frackelton covers the path in the other direction from the computer to the devices being controlled, and Jake Persem concentrates on communicating between computers such as between a central computer and sattelite controllers."
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