Cost Effective Monitoring Systems
Cost Effective Monitoring Systems (1988)-There are several items which must be weighed when considering any monitoring system: It must have the capability to perform the functions desired. It must have the memory capacity to store the required amount of information. It must have the flexiblity to allow modifications of the programs to provide group strategies for specific needs. The system must be able to easily interface with existing electrical components and controls. The system must have backup support, especially during the start up phase, this should include short lead time on repair parts, technical assistance, programming assistance, and concise documentation. It is necessary that the system be easily programmed and reprogrammed. It must be easily expandable with little or no disruption to the system operation. It is an absolute necessity that a method be available to store the program information for reloading in there is a loss of memory. The most important requirement of all is that the system must be cost effective. This means that the system must have a low first cost, that it is reliable, has a low maintenance cost, that it: performs by saving the user money, and provides a more overall reliable and efficient operation. And when the monitoring system is combined with an effective maintenance program, the system most certainly is cost efficient.
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