Industrial Food Freezing Systems
Industrial Food Freezing Systems (1988)-The freezing process induces a physical change in the food product. The rate of physical change or freezing time determines the size of ice crystals produced. At a slow freezing rate, initially formed ice crystals can grow to a relatively large average size. Fast freezing forces more crystals with a smaller average size to be formed. In practice, however, there is always a mixture of different-sized ice crystals because the product's surface freezes faster than its inner parts. Large ice crystals may puncture the cell walls of the product, usually increasing drip loss of juices during thawing. Depending on the product, this can affect greatly the texture and flavor of the remaining product tissue. Freezing time dependent on many factors. Economics became a paramount determining factor is most commercial application. Freezing times of several minutes do not always make as large a difference compared to several hours.
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