Ammonia Refrigeration in Large Scale Brewing Technology
Ammonia Refrigeration in Large Scale Brewing Technology (1988)-Changes in beer making with the advent of industrial refrigeration are presented from a historical perspective. An overview of the modern brewing technology provides a clear view of the established role of ammonia refrigeration as the primary source of cooling in various stages of production. The presentation includes specifics on wort cooling, fermentation-yeast strain-temperature correlation considerations, lagering cooling requirements and packaging cooling demands, with the declared attempt to familiarize the audience with the nomenclature, as well as provide a glimpse into the art and science of large scale, good beermaking. A hybrid, large scale ammonia cooling system, containing both reciprocating and screw compressors and the associated user systems and subsystems, is described in detail with emphasis on the energy conservation problems and techniques for load leveling applicable in batch fermentation processes. The preoccupation with saving refrigeration energy in the modern brewery is presented briefly and includes aspects of system control strategies to satisfy dynamic (time varying) cooling loads and peak demand reduction techniques. Cooling system reliability is one of the keys to excellent beer quality: The use of refrigeration in the fermentation, carbon dioxide recovery subsystem, and the use of exhaust air to cool make up air for energy conservation, are also presented. With the beer demand on the rise the need for more ammonia cooling equipment and systems is also predicted. An extensive bibliography is presented for the interested readers.
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