Design Considerations for a New Turkey Processing Facility
Design Considerations for a New Turkey Processing Facility (1988)-Oscar Mayer Foods is currently constructing a new 300,000 square foot turkey processing facility in Tulare, California in order to meet the increased demand for its Louis Rich brand turkey products. Site work for the facility began in November of 1987 with a projected completion date of early 1989. This new facility is designed to be state-of-the-art in turkey processing and is expected to be in service for many years to come. While the actual detailed design work is being done by a consulting engineering firm, our Corporate Engineering Staff has performed much of the conceptual engineering and value engineering for the facility. The design firm has then taken our concepts and suggestions and has incorporated them into the actual construction documents. It is the conceptual design work that will be the basis for this paper. Hopefully these design considerations will be interesting to most of you and helpful or thought-provoking to at least some of you who may be involved in similar projects in the near future.
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