Air Distribution in Freezer Areas
Air Distribution in Freezer Areas (1988)-Air within a storage freezer is the means by which the cold from the refrigerant evaporator is carried to the room. If uniform conditions are to be obtained, this cold air must be properly distributed and circulated throughout the entire freezer space. Freezer air distribution systems can be complex because of the countless variations of building construction, operating requirements, product stacking arrangements, and the location of doors and other openings. Even though each freezer will have a specific set of design considerations, in general, the air systems within freezers have become much simpler. The increased popularity in freezing tunnels and plate freezers have changed today’s freezers from product freezing and hardening systems to simple product holding freezers. Obviously, holding the room and product at specific temperature is a much simpler task than a system which required to do product freezing. This discussion therefore will address holding freezers only. Blast, chill, and hardening freezers require vastly different sets of conditions and temperatures with each application needing its own special design.
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