Growing Opportunities for Ammonia Users
Growing Opportunities for Ammonia Users (1989)-The intensive search for suitable replacements for the banned CFCs is focusing on nonfully halogenated CFCs, mixtures of two or more refrigerants, and also on some traditional refrigerants, such as air, water, hydrocarbons, and ammonia. Ammonia is a well-entrenched refrigerant in industrial service and has numerous advantages, such as low cost, as well as favorable physical, thermodynamic, and transport properties. Also, because of its odor, ammonia is self-alarming in the event of a leak. Along with its many advantages, ammonia has one major drawback-the low concentrations in air that constitute toxic levels. Ammonia cannot seriously be proposed as a replacement for the banned CFCs in all situations, but those applications should be identified where the advantages of ammonia can be exploited and its risks can be circumvented. This paper proposes that in addition to the expanded use of ammonia in industrial applications, certain water and antifreeze liquid chilling applications should be advanced.
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