Designing the 1988 Olympic Bob-Sleigh and Luge Facility
Designing the 1988 Olympic Bob-Sleigh and Luge Facility (1989)-The unique features built into the refrigeration system of this facility are: (a) The size of the plant at 4410kW (1255 T) is the largest in the world, because of the unpredictable weather conditions and the long season that it is intended to operate. (GI Precautions taken for the safety of the public are numerous. The use of seal cap valves, all welded construction, elaborate expansion piping to each evaporator, heavy piping insulation that tends to camouflage the piping and the design to avoid public contact with any refrigeration devices except where absolutely necessary. (b) There are over l00km (62 miles) of small bore piping to make up the evaporators including about 90km (56 m.) of 33.4mm (1") pipe, 1000 refrigerant valves from l0mm (1/4") to 350mm (14") nominal with over 600 on the track alone and 175m3 (95T) of liquid refrigeration grade ammonia. (c) The use of direct refrigerant in the evaporators keeps costs down. It is estimated that if an indirect refrigeration system using brine had been used then the plant capacity would had to have been increased by at least 30% and operating power would have increased at least 60%. This would have resulted in an increase in overall track costs. (d) Mixture of reciprocating and screw compressors was used for optimum operating cost and maximum flexibility. (e) Thermosyphon cooling was used for oil cooling of the screw compressors for simplicity and operating cost saving.
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