Liquid Refrigerant Level Control - An Update
Liquid Refrigerant Level Control - An Update (1989)-The monitoring and control of liquid level in refrigeration systems is a very important key to proper operation of the systems. Because the normal refrigeration vapor cycle is a two phase system, liquid and gas exist together in various vessels within the piping circuit and must be controlled to an extent determined by the complexity and size of the refrigerant charge. Liquid level controls for refrigeration are primarily used in the industrial and large commercial systems. Therefore, this discussion will talk about the use of mechanical, electro-mechanical and electronic level controls with regard to ammonia and large fluorocarbon systems. It will not touch on the liquid level control of oil as in the crankcase of reciprocating compressors or in oil separators nor on other associated system liquids such as chilled water, condenser water, or various brines.
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