Refrigeration Lubricants Update: Synthetic and Semi-Syntheti
Refrigeration Lubricants Update: Synthetic and Semi-Synthetic Oils are Solving Problems with Ammonia and Alternative Refrigerants (1990)-The use of synthetic lubricants in positive displacement refrigeration compressor systems is a fast-growing trend. Synthetic lubricants are being developed to improve reliability and increase efficiency in refrigeration compressors and maximize system performance. The status of the evaluation of specific lubricants through bench tests and field performance is discussed with specific reference to ammonia and "alternative" refrigerants. This paper reviews the field performance of ammonia refrigeration oils from superyrefined, hydrotreated high-viscosity index (HVI) base stocks. The development of these lubricants was described in "Hydrotreated Oils for Ammonia Refrigeration." [Short (1985)]. Case studies are provided by original equipment manufacturers and refrigeration plant operators. These reports confirm that these synthetic fluids provide longer life, reduced wear, cleaner operation, and a thirty to ninety percent reduction in oil consumption. Synthetic oils are being designed to provide miscibility with HFC-134a and other fluorinated refrigerants for use with flooded evaporators. The status of lubricant development and performance is discussed. The development of a more efficient lubrication system using synthetic lubricants with HFC-134a is described.
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