Packaged Ammonia Rooftop or Outdoor Refrigeration Systems
Packaged Ammonia Rooftop or Outdoor Refrigeration Systems (1990)-This paper will focus on three concerns to the marketplace (Designers, Owners, & Contractors) when applying ammonia to three typical refrigeration applications. These three applications are: Rooftop mounted air cooling units - direct ammonia. Rooftop or outdoor mounted HVAC Units for use in office buildings using water or glycol chillers to assure no refrigerant leak into air stream. Outdoor installation of larger glycol chillers and/or icebuilders for larger office buildings or industrial applications where ammonia inside the building may be politically undesirable. The three concerns that are at issue when designing, installing and operating a refrigeration system are: Design issues relative to application of ammonia refrigeration systems in an outdoor environment. Equipment package costs and installation costs. Operating and maintenance cost issues. These are the issues that will be discussed in detail in the rest of this paper.
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