Gas Powered Liquid Recirculation Compared to Mechanical Pump
Gas Powered Liquid Recirculation Compared to Mechanical Pumps; Another View (1990)-The increased awareness of energy costs in the last fifteen years has prompted a greater interest in the relative cost of ownership of the two types of pumping systems. There have been many debates and discussions concerning relative operating costs. This paper will continue to do that in hopes that more engineers and end users can become more knowledgeable on the subject. This knowledge can then be applied to make better decisions about design features of new systems, whether to retrofit old systems, and how to operate existing systems most efficiently. The paper attempts to recap some of the pertinent thermodynamic principles, papers that have been written on the subject, as well as some actual experiences, and several theoretical case studies. The reader is then encouraged to use this information to analyze his or her particular situation to make the necessary decisions.
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