Energy Efficiency Comparison of Advanced Ammonia Heat-Exchan
Energy Efficiency Comparison of Advanced Ammonia Heat-Exchanger Types (1991)-This paper evaluates the energy savings or COP improvements that can be obtained through the use of enhanced tubes and advanced heat-exchanger types for some ammonia refrigeration applications. Current practice for process liquid chilling is to use plain or unenhanced heat-exchanger tubing in conventional shell-and-tube heat exchangers for both the evaporator and condensers. Because of environmental concerns, some of the future air chilling and air conditioning replacement systems may be the indirect type which require ammonia-liquid heat exchangers for an intermediate heat transfer fluid. The COP penalty will be very critical for these applications. In many cases the existence of cooling-tower systems for heat rejection will lead to the reuse of ammonia systems, making ammonia-water condensers an attractive alternate. It will be demonstrated that the energy efficiency can be improved with advanced heat-exchanger concepts for these refrigeration systems involving the chilling of a liquid and/or the rejection of heat to a liquid with ammonia as the refrigerant.
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