Air Conditioning with Ammonia "The Perfect Solution"
Air Conditioning with Ammonia "The Perfect Solution" (1991)-Most of you are at least somewhat familiar with the CFC issue, the Montreal Protocol. The phasing out of CFC refrigerants by the year of 2000. This paper will not repeat the discussions concerning the effect of CFC refrigerants. It has been done many times by many others in the past 2-3 years. Since most of the air conditioning was done with CFC refrigerants in the U.S., the scramble began for replacement refrigerants. You heard, no doubt, about new refrigerants, some of which eat up gaskets, copper windings, etc. For those of you who were raised on ammonia, the natural or "Perfect Solution" is to use ammonia, one of the most efficient refrigerants for air conditioning. While most of you are familiar with ammonia refrigeration, some of you may not have experience with air conditioning applications. Although it is not quite a "piece of cake", it is not very exotic either.
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