Compoud Screw Compressors: Low Temperature Applications
Compoud Screw Compressors: Low Temperature Applications (1991)-The positive displacement two-stage compound screw compressor is designed to operate in reliable manner with R-717, R-22 and similar high pressure refrigerants. It is well suited for typical low temperature industrial plant requirements, e.g. product freezing, freezer storage, process cooling and liquefication, freeze drying and similar applications of variable low temperature operating conditions. The compound units with single motor drive, simple oil management and continuous capacity control of each stage, provides for a compact packaged unit configuration, with low power consumption especially at part load. The complete unit is monitored from a single control panel. Preliminary selection of a compound unit for plant low temperature refrigeration requirements is readily performed using the basic performance curves. Multipliers are used to adjust for any subcooling, side loading and types of oil cooling. Accordingly, the performance parameters can be visually related to plant operational modes, yielding more pertinent computer input information and more meaningful computer print outs for better analytical compound selection. Available compound screw computer performance programs allow for the selection of the best compound unit size for the plant's various operating parameters and with lowest attainable power consumption.
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