Improved Freezer Operation using Secondary Circulating Metho
Improved Freezer Operation using Secondary Circulating Methods (1991)-The popularity of central ammonia liquid pumping systems in freezing plants combined with the development of very tall storage rooms and process freezers has resulted in impaired capacities due to pressure drop in the wet return risers. The ideal layout is to locate the piping below the coils so that the overfeed liquid will have the benefit of gravity flow. But in many cases the evaporators are below the piping or the coils are stacked in a blast freezer and the piping is near the ceiling or on the roof. Locating valve groups outside, on the roof, is a safety precaution that should be encouraged as this reduces the potential for leaks within process areas. However, this practice has reduced the efficiency of central circulating systems. Several methods that have been successfully used for reducing these losses are illustrated in this paper.
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