Conserving Energy and Obtaining Utility Rebates in Ice Cream
Conserving Energy and Obtaining Utility Rebates in Ice Cream Manufacturing Operations: H.P. Hood Inc. Case Study (1992)-A wide variety of energy conservation measures were installed at an H. P. Hood Inc. ice cream manufacturing plant in Suffield, CT, which together resulted in a 20% decrease in refrigeration electrical energy consumption. Measures implemented included: conversion of air-cooled R-502 units to central ammonia, addition of a fourth refrigerant pipe for relief of defrost to the intermediate system, high efficiency screw ammonia compressors to replace older reciprocating compressors, evaporator and ductwork modifications to reduce fan horsepower requirements, and an energy management system to optimize the operation of compressors, evaporators, and evaporative condensers. All measures were evaluated before installation using a detailed energy simulation model to determine annual energy consumption and peak energy consumption on the existing system and after installation of each measure. Verification of actual savings was accomplished using direct measurements and operating logs recorded by the new energy management system computer. Utility rebates totaling over $500,000 are expected based on approval of the verification methodology and test results, resulting in a payback period of 1.0 years for the $675,000 project.
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