Condensation-Induced Hydraulic Shock
Condensation-Induced Hydraulic Shock (1992)-The purpose of this report is to offer a further clarification of the mechanism involved in hydraulic shock incidents. It has been three years since my last presentation on this subject. Since that time, I have had the opportunity to examine more failures and to extend the depth of examinations. One of the failures investigated was an ammonia spill that was widely publicized at a pizza plant in southern Ohio. For that case a computer model was generated to simultaneously solve several differential equations in order to make a determination of the transient ammonia temperatures, pressures and slug velocity which could have existed in the system during the incident. Based on a knowledge of the plant and the computer-generated data, it was possible to rule out certain event sequences and focus in on the other more probable ones. This made it possible to determine the most likely cause of the failure with a high degree of certainty.
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