Thermal Storage Vertical Falling Film Shell-and-Tube Ammonia
Thermal Storage Vertical Falling Film Shell-and-Tube Ammonia Evaporator (1992)-With a proven track record of this exchanger it can be used for various other processes where near freezing fluid is required. With floor space becoming a big issue in the present days, this exchanger can certainly be an attractive alternate to any other system. The chiller can also be used in air-conditioning applications. Chilled water can result in a lower fan power consumption. Since the flow is gravity controlled, there is no pressure drop, whereas, for a same flow condition a horizontal shell and tube would encounter at least 10-15 psi through the chiller. Because of ammonia there is no danger to the ozone layer. The chiller itself could be located in an isolated room. If used in a chilled water storage system, the unit could chill water to near freezing temperature at off peak hours and then be used during peak hours, hence, resulting in free energy. Yet another application could be carbo-cooling. The bottom head could be equipped with carbon dioxide injector. The mix can then be directly fed at the top. This would result in both cooling and carbonation.
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