New Technologies for Refrigeration Control Valves
New Technologies for Refrigeration Control Valves (1992)-As we, the manufacturers, design engineers, design/build and installation contractors, and users of industrial refrigeration equipment enter the 21st century the demands confronting our products, designs and operations are becoming overwhelming. These demands are not only a result of advanced technological needs but also of the ever growing social awareness we encounter. Increased system capacities, design complexity, automation and a shortage of qualified operating personnel require our systems and components be continuously regulated. Socially, the increasing number of regulatory agencies and regulations are placing restrictions and requirements on all of us never before imagined. In addition, new developments in the field of industrial refrigeration control valves are the result of the following: New creative industrial refrigeration systems and applications, New piping needs for optimum energy usage, safety, and product control, Newly developed materials available for control valve construction, Advanced ideas, machining processes, and computer aided design facilities for new valve concepts.
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