Saftey in Ammonia Refrigeration Related to Three Case Studie
Saftey in Ammonia Refrigeration Related to Three Case Studies in Welding Failures (1992)-Refrigeration techniques have developed considerably over the last few years. With interest in thermodynamics, improvements in the efficiency of compressors, functions in controls, maintenance and supervision are self-evident. All these areas are dealt with in other commissions within the IIR. On the other hand the refrigeration industry has not paid the same attention to pressure vessels and pipe lines in ammonia plants. As a comparison the interest in other industrial applications, such as nuclear power, offshore, chemical process has been far higher when relating to materials, joining techniques and quality control. In refrigeration it is taken for granted that incidents seldom occur, as the plants are working with very low internal pressures, which result in low stress. In spite of this, accidents occur, some of which may have serious consequences. Three cases from our industry are presented.
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