Coping with Codes
Coping with Codes (1992)-It remains to be seen how the Toxic Gas Ordinances will be applied to ammonia refrigeration plants. The proposed revisions to the Uniform Mechanical Code and the Uniform Fire Code have an excellent chance of being favorably accepted. If adopted in the Uniform Codes, the Standard (SBCCI) and National (BOCA) Codes are likely to accept similar requirements. The effort to see the Uniform Code revisions adopted will take diligent attention of the individuals and organizations involved for the next two years. In regard to OSHA Process Safety Management rules, many large refrigeration operations are already performing some of these procedures. Some may resent having regulators telling us how to manage safety in our plants. On the other hand, the application of the Process Safety Management rules will require operators to address potentially unsafe situations in their facilities. This will reduce accidents in our plants and should result in fewer headlines about ammonia incidents. It seems inevitable that ammonia will be regulated in some form. We must make the effort to influence the regulations by helping to write good Codes and Standards. Then we must educate Building Inspectors, Health Officials, and Fire Chiefs in the practical application of safety provisions in ammonia refrigeration.
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