International Codes and Standards of Industrial Refrigeratio
International Codes and Standards of Industrial Refrigeration Valves (1993)-This paper describes the development of international codes and standards for industrial refrigeration valves. In particular, German, European and international documents that cover valves used for refrigerating systems are reviewed. The origins of German standards (DIN) and accident prevention regulations for refrigeration plants, in particular refrigeration valves, are described. The German pressure vessel regulations which apply to refrigeration plants, including pressure vessels, pipework and valves, are also discussed. A new European Community (EC) Pressurized Apparatus Guideline for refrigeration plants will be established. The Guideline will be supplemented by European standards for refrigeration plants (EN 378). A draft standard for refrigerating system valves, based on the German valve standard (DIN 3158), is being developed and should be available in June/July 1993. The requirements of the draft valve standard are described in this paper. When the final standard is published, a comparison should be made with U.S. standards.
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