Refrigerants after CFC’s - What are the Choices?
Refrigerants after CFC’s - What are the Choices? (1993)-Alternative refrigerants are being developed and tested as successors to the CFC's and R-22. Some of the alternative refrigerants can be used in existing systems with proper changeout procedures and modifications. Other alternatives are best used in new systems only. A few of the new refrigerants are flammable, leading the industry to conduct a fresh examination of applications where they may be used safely. A number of the new refrigerants are "zeotropes" - mixtures with constituents that boil and condense over a range of temperatures, calling for thought about new heat exchanger designs. Some of the mixtures contain flammable components, but the proportions are adjusted with other nonflammable components so that the mixture remains nonflammable under expected operating and storage conditions. This paper presents an update on the near-term and "next generation" refrigerants under test to succeed R-12, R-502, and R-22. The present state of knowledge about these refrigerants is explained. A major program to evaluate these refrigerants, being conducted under the auspices of ARI, is described. System design modifications needed to employ these refrigerants, some of the performance changes to be expected, and implications for system servicing are described.
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