Ultraviolet Leak Detection as a Tool for Reducing Ammonia Em
Ultraviolet Leak Detection as a Tool for Reducing Ammonia Emissions (1993)-Leak detection of ammonia systems has been regarded as a "last ditch" effort. The attitude of ''we don't need any sort of leak detection system, we can smell the leaks!" was, and still is prevalent. When it was necessary, searching for leaks consisted of a time consuming, monotonous, inch by inch search over every potential leak site with an ultrasonic leak detector, a smoldering sulfur stick, or ammonia test paper. Even if this uncomfortable and burdensome job was undertaken, leaks were not consistently found and potential leak sites which were in unexpected areas, such as in straight tubing lines, were not even checked. Labor costs were prohibitive when they were compared to the minimal costs incurred if the system was simply "topped off". Leak detection of a system was far from being a prime concern. Now, however, legislation and the need to minimize negative public reaction to the expanded usage of ammonia as a refrigerant may force the ammonia refrigeration industry to search for a new and more efficient method of finding leaks.
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