Aluminum and Galvanized Steel Evaporators: Effects of the Op
Aluminum and Galvanized Steel Evaporators: Effects of the Operating Environment (1993)-The refrigeration of food products and processes involves their exposure to a refrigerated airstream. The refrigeration of this airstream is provided (in our industry) by its flow across an air-to-ammonia heat exchanger, the evaporator. By sharing a common airstream with food products, evaporators are exposed to a wide range of environmental conditions related to sanitation, humidity, desired product temperature and airborne product particulate. Additionally, the necessity for and methodology of coil defrost introduces another environmental variable for consideration. It is imperative that sound design methods be used to ensure evaporator material compatibility with the environment, for reasons of safety, performance and food product integrity. Existing methods for evaporator material selection are subject to bias and the limitations of personal experience. It is believed that our industry could be served by a comprehensive engineering-oriented approach to defining evaporator material/operating environment compatibility. Therefore, a study was commissioned with a major university to develop such a methodology.
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