Current Uses and Future Possibilities for Ammonia in Refrige
Current Uses and Future Possibilities for Ammonia in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (1993)-Ammonia is presently used in a wide variety of industrial refrigeration applications. Programs for phasing out many of the popular CFC refrigerants are well established, causing a serious review of the available alternatives, including ammonia. There is no doubt that ammonia can be used in many areas where CFC’s have dominated, provided proper precautions are taken. A well designed ammonia refrigeration or air conditioning system combines excellent efficiency and reliability, while minimizing negative environmental impacts. This paper examines ways in which ammonia systems can be applied in areas formerly dominated by other refrigerants, while taking account of safety issues and statutory requirements. Also included is an analysis of an indirect ammonia system which is efficiently air conditioning a building in New South Wales, and has provided reliable service for 40 years.
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