Demand Defrost ... Does it Work?
Demand Defrost ... Does it Work? (1994)-This paper poses the question that "if demand defrost is a good idea, why are most coils defrosted by time?" If you were to ask your contemporaries whether or not they have used demand defrost, you may hear: "I tried it and it doesn't work", or, "I heard it doesn't work." Rarely will someone say "Yes, it works great and it has saved me a bundle of money." Saving money is something we all would like to do, especially in this time of proposed higher utility rates. One thing we all do know is that utility rates are not going to come down. The object of a demand defrost system is to reduce energy usage, which results in saving money. Do demand defrost systems work? The answer is both yes and no. Like everything else, some demand defrost systems work and some do not; this paper discusses the various reasons why. A successful demand defrost system depends on precise identification that a defrost is needed immediately.
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