Taking Advantage of the Screw Compressor Side Port
Taking Advantage of the Screw Compressor Side Port (1994)-Screw compressors, because of their geometric construction, operate with a fixed internal volume ratio. Regardless of the imposed system pressures, the gas within the compressor will gradually compress from the suction level as it traverses the screws until it reaches the discharge port. Here, its compressed volume is a function of the absolute suction pressure and the specific Vi (volume ratio or index) of the compressor. Vi is defined as the ratio of the volume of vapor in the screw cavity at suction port closure to the volume of vapor in the cavity when the discharge port is uncovered. The pressure at this point may be less than, equal to, or above the system condensing pressure. This gradual pressure increase within the screw compressor permits access to be made at any position along the screw and at any corresponding pressure level. Introduction of additional vapor into the compressor can be made at this access. This paper will discuss the utilization of this access known as the Side Port for the purpose of providing liquid subcooling and as a second compressor suction port for a higher temperature evaporator load.
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