Ammonia Screw Chiller for Air Conditioning in a College Cent
Ammonia Screw Chiller for Air Conditioning in a College Central Plant (1996)-This paper describes the use of ammonia as the refrigerant on the Rockville, Germantown and Takoma Park campuses of Montgomery College in Montgomery County, Maryland. The installations are unique since the central plants are located in the basements of classroom buildings. The Rockville Campus installation is a renovation of an existing central plant located in a 30 year old building and has been operational for three cooling seasons. The Germantown Campus central plant is located in a building currently under construction and is scheduled to be completed in January 1996. The Takoma Park Campus central plant is to be located in a basement storage area of a classroom building and will support a planned expansion of the campus. It is currently being reviewed for funding and plans are to prepare a design in the Summer of 1996.This paper presents the design considerations, safety systems and operating experience of these systems.
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