Material Selection Criterion for Ammonia Refrigeration Equip
Material Selection Criterion for Ammonia Refrigeration Equipment Operating at Temperatures Below -20°F (1997)-One of the important aspects of industrial refrigeration, and in particular ammonia refrigeration, is that the majority of the equipment is designed for installation in cold warehouses, meat packing plants, creameries and other food related facilities. The basic nature of these applications calls for low temperature, requiring that systems must often operate at temperatures below -20°F. Since most of the equipment for industrial refrigeration is fabricated with low carbon steel, this requirement can create unnecessary headaches for contractors and end users who are not familiar with the metallurgy of materials and the governing codes and standards. They generally follow what the specifications call for in a job, without challenging the validity of the specifications. It is possible that the person or company behind the specifications does not understand the complexities of relevant codes, but rather is following the previous trend. The previous trend could be obsolete since ASME codes are dynamic, meaning they constantly change as new knowledge is gained with time. This short informative paper will try to address some important issues related to the subject and try to clarify ambiguities regarding low temperature material selection governed by the ASME codes.
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