Improving Effect of Atmospheric Stability Class on Hazard Zo
Improving Effect of Atmospheric Stability Class on Hazard Zone Predictions for an Ammonia Release (1997)-The experimental database supporting heavy gas modeling is quite sparse, because of the expense of full-scale field tests. In particular, the number of experiments conducted at F stability has been woefully inadequate. This is mainly because such tests must be conducted at night or in the early morning under low wind speed conditions. The percentage of time a region experiences F stability ranges typically from 3% to as much as 60% at a pump station on the Alaska pipeline. Fortunately, a large body of experimental data on heavy cloud dispersion has recently been released by the German government in which atmospheric stability is addressed, for the first time, in a reasonably substantial manner. We discuss these findings here, along with a discussion of model improvements generated therefrom and compare our model with two others used to generate the EPA tabulated predictions.
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