Incorporating Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers into Seconda
Incorporating Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers into Secondary Cooling Systems to Address Plant Safety and Efficiency Issues (1997)-As part of its PSM Safety Review Program, the Campbell Soup Company implemented a project in August 1995 to review the existing ammonia refrigeration system at its Fayetteville, Arkansas facility. The primary objective of the project was to identify components and/or areas of the refrigeration system that could be improved for safety and maintenance reasons. However, as with any engineering project, cost implications and system efficiencies could not be ignored and likewise were factored into the decision making process. In the pages following, we will provide a case history of the Fayetteville facility’s PSM project, including an overview of the plant, an understanding of the plant’s operation, potential safety related areas identified in the PSM, available options (including pros and cons), the decisions which were made, and the reasons why.
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