Organization and Execution of a Mock Ammonia Spill Response
Organization and Execution of a Mock Ammonia Spill Response (1997)-This presentation shares a Rosenberger cooperative experience with the local fire and HAZMAT response teams that is part of the process of developing the ammonia emergency response aspect of a PSM program. It is hoped that other industry members will be encouraged to connect with the many resource people available in their efforts to develop safety programs that improve the emergency preparedness in their places of business. An ammonia emergency response plan can benefit from the cooperative expertise of both company engineering people and local emergency responders. Responders are trained to deal with many hazardous materials in emergency settings and the plant engineering people are trained to understand and manage the operational controls of the refrigeration system. By bringing the two together, a response plan can be specific for the plant, and serious losses resulting from an emergency situation can hopefully be greatly reduced.
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